Covering cultures

Meat cultures

BIOVITEC meat covering cultures can satisfy all the needs of manufacturers producing dry sausages covered by white and natural mold.

They increase the stability during the whole shelf life of your product. White, short and dry, with a good scent of mushrooms, they give your product a pleasant final appearance and a subtle taste and perfume.

Adapted to organic and Clean Label products.

They are used to treat the surface of natural or artificial casings.

They have a real impact on the visual quality, flavour and stabilisation of your product enabling:

  • to generate an attractive white colour,
  • to develop a pleasant natural scent of mushrooms,
  • to form a real barrier against excessive crusting and drying,
  • to strongly fight against contamination from wild molds,
  • to optimize the fermentation by stabilizing the pH of your product.

Our covering cultures are Halal certified by HFCE.