Ripening starters cultures

Meat cultures

BIOVITEC ripening starter cultures can satisfy all the needs of manufacturers of dried sausages.

They ensure the safety of the fermentation process and give your product a subtle and pleasant taste while improving its colour.

Adapted to organic and Clean Label products.


Ensure the traditional fermentation in dried sausages which “leave time to time”.

Micrococci, selected for their high aromatic and enzymatic potential generate and improve the great taste of traditional dried sausages.


Ensure a satisfying and rapid acidification in products with a shorter production cycle (poultry and turkey meat as well as beef sausages…).

Lactobacilli, selected for their highest acidifying activity, ensure a fast fermentation. Together with micrococci they improve the aroma and colour of your product.

The safety of the process is optimal.

Our Fast cultures are Halal certified by HFCE.

Ensure a super-fast acidification in specific dried products with the shortest production cycle (snacking, cocktail dried sausages, salami…).

Our super-fast cultures are Halal certified by HFCE.


These 100 % micrococci ferments improve the aroma, generate stability of the final colour and are synonymous with “good curing”.

They can be used in various applications:

  • in addition to traditional or super-fast blends of cultures, to improve the final aromatic result,
  • in association with a chemical acidifier,
  • in case of specific needs like Fuet in Spain…