Antifungal treatment of Casings

Technical aids


Our antifungal is intended for meat products wrapped with naturel or artificial casing.

Our antifungal treatment of natural or artificial casings prevents the growth of mold from contamination. Consequently, its use avoids problems such as organoleptic changes or appearance of mycotoxins while it does not influence the flavor, the perfume and the color of your product.

Its use is effective due to the synergy of both Natamycin and potassium sorbate.

His active component, Natamycin, is produced by fermentation using a strain of ‘Streptomyces Natalensis’.

Its use is recommended for different applications such as:

  • Dried sausages like Chorizo
  • Smoked dried meats
  • Dried sausages intended to be coated as a preventive way to optimize the sticking.